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"If there were rankings for enrichment classes ands programs, CKC would be at the very top".
Patricia & Robert 

“There is a reason why this institution is called the CREATIVE kids corner. The imagination that goes into developing their unique programs is incredible. All three of my kids loved the classes they took there - and the camp too! Not only did they have tons of fun, but they learned a lot.“

“My sons have enjoyed many of the offerings at CKC. Linda Kusel and staff have been caring and nurturing, while providing stimulating experiences for the kids. One of their strengths is working with children's varying ages, learning styles, and temperaments. Linda is a community treasure."


“With both of our young boys, we found quite a welcoming community at CKC. It was a magical place where we could all be kids together. The boys relished their time to have us all to themselves in a lively, music filled environment, which got us all dancing and laughing together. What’s not to love?”
John & Katherine 

CKC Camp was the first camp experience for my daughter Abby (age 32 months at the time), and she could not have had a better time. The counselors were so warm and friendly as well as helpful with putting her at ease throughout the summer. The activities and art projects were so creative. Abby still talks about "my camp" all the time.