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In this exciting program children are placed in a socially stimulating environment where they have the opportunity to cooperate with others and build healthy cognitive and social skills. Each child is given respect, guidance, encouragement, and support from instructors, family members and caregivers while they learn new activities and encounter new challenges. These interactive classes are offered in area preschools, home settings and community centers.

*Please visit the calendar for class location, day, time and fee. 

Creative Movement Classes
Toddlers along with their parents/caregivers will enjoy the diverse age appropriate activities included in this program: engaging songs and finger plays, rhythm basics, puppetry, parachute play, chants, bean bags, musical instruments, hoops, bells and dancing...always! Free play is also included where children are encouraged to develop motor and social skills.

Infant Classes 
Increasing research shows that music fosters communication skills in children as they grow and is critical to a baby's language development. This class is designed to be a special bonding time between caring adults and infants. Diverse musical styles are the canvas for fun, along with loving games and activities. "You", as your child's primary teacher will learn about the importance of observation, mimicking and simple sign language. Opportunities to discuss issues which concern you as a new parent are included as well. 

Love and Logic
Love and Logic is a common sense approach to parenting and widely utilized in teacher training programs throughout the country. It teaches skills that cultivate confidence and thoughtful decision making in your children through choices, empathy, encouragement, and utmost respect while refraining from hostility, anger, threats, or long, boring lectures. This system is an easy to learn program and applicable in anyone’s life. Develop tools that can diffuse power struggles and raise responsible children. Past attendees raved about this! Let us know your interest so you can be contacted for the next available workshop.