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This program offers classes that are designed to be as healthful as they are delicious. Accompanied by professional instruction, children (4-13yrs) discover both the joy and rewards of cooking by learning about the basic processes and techniques for preparing complete meals or food that appeals more to the artistic senses. Using real utensils, unique flavors, and chef tricks-of-the-trade, our Junior Chefs discover new and exciting relationships with food.

*Visit the calendar for class location, day, time and fee.

Cooking for Life
As basic as food is to daily life, CKC believes the nutritional principles and understanding of food history is equally important beginning at a young age. Your child will learn about kitchen safety, culinary methods, terminology and the important elements to creating a healthy and satisfying meal using fresh and seasonal ingredients. The Cooking For Life curriculum is designed to promote healthy eating, self empowering, life skills. This culinary adventure will broaden children's palates and abilities all while gaining confidence in the kitchen. Bon appetite!

All Things Delicious - International Culinary Arts
CKC explores the global flavors and favorites of children near and far. Culinary principles and techniques are blended with unique flavors, fun food facts, kitchen world rhythms and healthy deliciousness! This class is offered each summer and on school holidays throughout the year.

Pastry Decorating & Edible Art
Everyone can appreciate an artfully decorated cupcake or cookie.  And when a pear can become a rabbit, you’ve made magic!  Learn the basic building blocks to pastry decorating and experience all food as art by letting your imagination go! Sorry, no processed candy allowed as this class uses all fresh, high quality ingredients.

Cooking For Love
Cooking For Love is Cooking For Life directed towards social causes, including Family Promise, Connections For the Homeless, and CKC’s annual Thanksgiving outreach for those in need “From Our Hearts, Through Our Hands”. We encourage teaching children to use their talents as gifts for those who are less fortunate.