Jan 21, 2015

Preschool Arts Enrichment Summer Camp  2014

Preschool Arts Enrichment Summer Camp 2014


By:  Mary Ann Skaro  

 “Thank you Mary Ann for asking if you could write about your son’s experiences…such a beautiful act of kindness!”


Peak into the window of the Creative Kids Corners summer camp and you’ll see a lot of singing, dancing; creative art projects all weaved into a whimsical learning environment.  This seven week summer camp is filled with fun, and laughter all geared to stimulate creative thinking and learning.

Each morning before the children enter camp, they are greeted by an amusing and interactive display on the front table.  This gives the children a clue of what they can expect the theme to be for the week. One week the classroom was transformed into a farmers market, allowing the kids to pick out and buy pretend fruits and vegetables.  The following week, the kids were guided through the rainforest as they learned, and explored all about the animals and creatures living in the jungle. Creative Kids Corner takes theme week to a whole new level by merging songs, crafts and games all into one big, fun, and interactive atmosphere.  

 Each day the children are encouraged to set their imaginations free as they explore toys, play games, sing songs, and build friendships. Co-operating and listening are carried through all the activities, be it on the new outdoor play area or sitting around the table enjoying their snacks.  Lots of fun and special memories are made at Creative Kids Corner.


Oct 12, 2013

Nosh For Nurture Annual Benefit – September 2013

Nosh For Nurture Annual Benefit – September 2013

CKC was a proud sponsor and participant at Nosh for Nurture’s annual benefit held this past Saturday evening at the Winnetka Presbyterian Church on Hibbard Rd. Nosh for Nurture is an organization dedicated to fighting childhood obesity and improving nutrition generally among underprivileged families through nutritional and culinary education. CKC’s culinary mission of teaching “Cooking for Life” to kids from four to13 fit right in. Other sponsors and participants included Big Bowl, Valerie Bolon, John Trueman, Creperie St. Germain, and well-known local chef Gale Gand. All of the food served had a distinctly “delicious/good for you” balance, including CKC’s, which was super-nutritious high-protein and gluten-free red-lentil pasta with a simple marinara sauce and Parmesan shavings.  As all 120 or so guests were fed, the church’s kitchens became beehives of activity, with all groups helping each other plate and serve appetizers. By all accounts it was a successful evening and for sure nobody left hungry.

CKC is proud to be among those trying to affect tangible change for good in the field of food and nutrition.